1997 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual (Coach of the by Earl Browning

By Earl Browning

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They did not throw the ball all that much. But today the 4-3 defense allows you to balance across the front and secondary. The 4-3 defense is an attacking defense. We teach our guys to attack and react. We get as close to the ball as we can and come off the ball. In our alignment we want the inside hand down. The inside hand is the one closest to the ball. We want our inside leg back. The reason for that is to squeeze the play and not get turned out. That is the hardest technique to play. As the defensive lineman steps with his inside foot, he is creating power in his punch hand where he can squeeze the slip block.

It gives us cover guys on receivers. We play a lot of situation Page 11 defenses. We play a 1st and 10 as a rundown and run our defense to fit the situation. We keep our linebackers committed to the box as long as we can. We like to play the quarter-quarter coverage because it allows us flexibility to match up talent with talent and still stop the run. Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure to be here. If you are going to be in Tallahassee, drop by and see us. Just call ahead to make sure we are there.

Pass-protection fundamentals are the toughest thing to teach offensive linemen. We work on that 10 to 15 minutes per day. We have the bags, we do the steps, and we do the whole shooting match. We do that 10 to 15 minutes per day. Then we do our half-line pass protection. Now we go back-to-back. The reason we go half line is because we do not want the big piles at the quarterback. We do not want anyone to get hurt. At the same time we want the quarterback to feel pressure and be able to react. Last, we do team work for 30 minutes.

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