A Bifurcation Analysis of a Differential Equations Model for by Gravesa W. G., Peckhamb B., Pastorc J.

By Gravesa W. G., Peckhamb B., Pastorc J.

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Lawsuits of a convention Held in reminiscence of U. N. Singh, New Delhi, India, 2-6 August 1990

Intelligent Computer Mathematics: 10 conf., AISC2010, 17 conf., Calculemus 2010, 9 conf., MKM2010

This publication constitutes the joint refereed lawsuits of the tenth overseas convention on synthetic Intelligence and Symbolic Computation, AISC 2010, the seventeenth Symposium at the Integration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanized Reasoning, Calculemus 2010, and the ninth foreign convention on Mathematical wisdom administration, MKM 2010.

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Our plan is to verify that for most parameters this cone condition holds after each loop: Dfεni +1 (Kαn (pi )) ⊂ Kαn (pi+1 (mod s) ) for each i = 0, . . , s − 1. (20) This condition clearly implies (19), because the image of the first cone Kαn (p0 ) belongs to the second cone Kαn (p1 ). The image of the second one belongs to the third one and so on. Fix 0 < α 1. Notice that if all loops are long: ni > 3αn, then Lni Kαn (pi ) is the cone of width angle < 2μ−αn . Fix 1 ≤ j ≤ s. To satisfy condition (20) for j 49 Newton interpolation polynomials and discretization method we need to avoid the intersection of the cone Dfε,p˜ j (Lnj Kαn (pj )) and a complement to Kαn (p˜ j +1 ) (see Figure 7 for p = pj +1 ).

In order to fail the inductive hypothesis of order n with constants c , a diffeomorphism fε should have a periodic, but not (n, cγn )-hyperbolic point x = fεn (x). There is a continuum of possible n-tuples {xk }0≤k≤n such that for some ε ∈ B we have f (xk ) = xk+1 (mod n) and x0 is not (n, cγn )-hyperbolic. Instead of looking at the continuum of n-tuples, we discretize this space and consider only those n-tuples {xk }0≤k≤n that lie on a particular grid, denoted Iγ˜n , and replace trajectories by γ˜n pseudotrajectories.

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