Acts of Meaning by Jerome Bruner

By Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner argues that the cognitive revolution, with its present fixation on brain as "information processor;" has led psychology clear of the deeper aim of figuring out brain as a author of meanings. basically via breaking out of the restrictions imposed by way of a computational version of brain will we snatch the distinctive interplay in which brain either constitutes and is constituted by means of culture.

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Hence, cognitive misers in such systems might be less dependent on extensive and detailed information to make political choices which correspond to their underlying preferences. Given that political choices can be interpreted with well-rehearsed ideological shortcuts, cognitive misers can choose as if they were informed (see Lupia 1994; Bartels 1996). Given the right conditions, then, an extremely well-in- 29 formed electorate might not be all that crucial for achieving accurate political representation and public policies which are congruent with public preferences.

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