Advances in Virus Research, Vol. 92 by Karl Maramorosch, Thomas Mettenleiter

By Karl Maramorosch, Thomas Mettenleiter

Released considering that 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a various variety of in-depth stories, delivering a invaluable review of the present box of virology.

  • Contributions from major authorities
  • Informs and updates on all of the most modern advancements within the field

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Advances in Virus Research, Vol. 92

Released on account that 1953, Advances in Virus examine covers a various variety of in-depth reports, delivering a necessary evaluation of the present box of virology. Contributions from top authoritiesInforms and updates on all of the most up-to-date advancements within the box

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1974). In addition to this, studies on bacteriophage PM2 have provided insights into the assembly of icosahedral viruses with an internal membrane. , 2004). The difference in the genome type (linear vs. circular) dictates that the two viruses are bound to have different mechanisms for genome delivery, virus assembly, and genome packaging. , 1999; Oksanen & Bamford, 2012b). A significant portion of the available aquatic bacterial genomes contains PM2-like elements indicating that corticoviruses are wide-spread in marine environments (Krupovicˇ & Bamford, 2007).

Due to the dsRNA genome, these viruses have to deliver Prokaryotic Viruses with Lipids 33 their PC into the host cytoplasm as the host bacteria are not capable of replicating dsRNA. Within the cell, the PC particle translocates the transcribed ssRNA genomic segments from the interior of the PC to the cytoplasm where they are either used to guide protein synthesis or, later in the infection cycle, packaged to the newly formed PC particles where minus strand synthesis (replication) takes place. The hosts are Gram-negative bacteria with an outer and cytoplasmic membranes and a rigid peptidoglycan layer in between.

Furthermore, ATV and STSV1 share nine homologous genes (Krupovicˇ, White, Forterre, & Prangishvili, 2012). , 2005). , 2005). , 2005). However, compared to short-tailed viruses, 46 Nina S. Atanasova et al. , 2005). Thus, both viruses seem to form their own groups. 6. Archaeal spherical viruses with helical NCs have an envelope In the beginning of the new millennium, several viruses with most intriguing, previously unknown morphologies were described infecting crenarchaeal hyperthermophiles. , 2002).

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