Affective Influences an Stereotyping by Bodenhausen

By Bodenhausen

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When I've had sex with a girl who's been eager to have it, I didn't really enjoy it too much. I enjoyed it some, but I thought if I was in charge, like the master-she's going to do what I say-I thought I'd probably enjoy it a whole lot more. Warren's mother had now remarried, and he was asked to find a place of his own by the end of the summer: 36 CHAPTER 2 I started traveling again and went back to South Carolina, where I was stationed in the navy, to stay with Brian. I still wasn't sure of what I wanted in life.

Her being a virgin, it would feel like she's all mine and nobody else has touched her before-it's brand-new, not secondhand. After receiving an honorable discharge from the navy, Warren planned to marry Susan: The summer I got out, I went to spend it with her, and I blew the relationship because I couldn't handle it. She never gave up on me. I gave up on myself, because I felt I didn't know how to express my feelings with her-probably from lack of experience. I returned home that summer where my family was and where I knew I had a place to stay until I got my thoughts together.

Sometimes clinicians tend to misinterpret such thoughts as latent wishes or unadmitted desires on the part of the offender, but, in fact, they seem to be more a reflection of his insecurity and personal discomfort in regard to human sexuality in general. Even heterosexual acts other than genital intercourse may be regarded as "perverted," and masturbation, likewise, may be thought of as abnormal. Although such rapists may engage in homosexual activities with the same frequency as normal males, they are not comfortable with such encounters.

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