Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self: by C. G. Jung

By C. G. Jung

Aion, initially released in German in 1951, is among the significant works of Jung's later years. The critical subject matter of the quantity is the symbolic illustration of the psychic totality in the course of the suggestion of the Self, whose conventional old identical is the determine of Christ. Jung demonstrates his thesis via an research of the Allegoria Christi, in particular the fish image, but in addition of Gnostic and alchemical symbolism, which he treats as phenomena of cultural assimilation. the 1st 4 chapters, at the ego, the shadow, and the anima and animus, supply a invaluable summation of those key thoughts in Jung's procedure of psychology.

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It belongs to him, this perilous image of Woman; she stands for the loyalty which in the interests of life he must sometimes forgo; she is the much needed compensation for the risks, struggles, sacrifices that all end in disappointment; she is the solace for all the bitterness of life. And, at the same time, she is the great illusionist, the seductress, who draws him into life with her Maya—and not only into life’s reasonable and useful aspects, but into its frightful paradoxes and ambivalences where good and evil, success and ruin, hope and despair, counterbalance 30 one another.

But actually one has acquired nothing more than its name, despite the age-old prejudice that the name magically represents the thing, and that it is sufficient to pronounce the name in order to posit the thing’s existence. In the course of the millennia the reasoning mind has been given every opportunity to see through the futility of this conceit, though that has done nothing to prevent the intellectual mastery of a thing from being accepted at its face value. It is precisely our experiences in psychology which demonstrate as plainly as could be wished that the intellectual “grasp” of a psychological fact produces no more than a concept of it, and that a concept is no more than a name, a flatus vocis.

At least sixteen hours out of twenty-four we live exclusively in this everyday world, and the remaining eight we spend preferably in an unconscious condition. Where and when does anything take place to remind us even remotely of phenomena like angels, miraculous feedings, beatitudes, the resurrection of the dead, etc.? It was therefore something of a discovery to find that during the unconscious state of sleep intervals occur, called “dreams,” which occasionally contain scenes having a not inconsiderable resemblance to the motifs of mythology.

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