Alekhine on Carlsbad by Edward Winter

By Edward Winter

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During this effortless to persist with guide,You are taken throughout the major ideas that underlie the RUY LOPEZ,leading directly to a gently equipped repertoire. The content material is up to date and includes adequate details to make it easier to play the Ruy Lopez with self belief with out you being flooded with extraneous element.

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B5! This combinational stroke blows up the position, which is to Black’s advantage. cxb5 d5! The crux of Black’s plot! b6 Running from danger. bxc6 d4 and after the capture on c6, Black obtains such serious compensation for the pawn that it is White who would have to think of possible equality. exd5? This looks like a miscalculation. Qxe4 Bxh3. And here it is possible to simply capture the bishop and then play c6. Rd1, followed by complicated play, and the position becomes even. Rdd1 Bc8 it is quite difficult to eliminate the pin along the e-file.

The tournament’s second sensation was Topalov’s return. I hope he be back for a long time. Anyway, the Bulgarian’s play (and not only his result) is promising. In every game Veselin played his best, struggled and fought, and ultimately outplayed his opponents. The results of his play were +2 (against Anand) and +2 (against Morozevich). ) It turns out that those were right who supposed that the reasons for Veselin’s wins and losses lie in the store of his own energy. Where did he get all those stores from?

C7 Nxc7 Draw. Anand - Topalov [B51] Commented by Maxim Notkin Anand and Topalov have doubtless played the two most spectacular games of the Dortmund tournament. The first game became Veselin’s brilliant creative achievement, whereas the second one hasn’t turned out to be that immaculate. ) he didn’t have happy play again. He let his advantage slip and obtained a worse position. ) and passed over to the ending. There, with the help of ingenious play, he seemed to have achieved a winning position again, but Anand hit upon a fantastic saving idea.

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