Alekhine vs. Euwe Return Match 1937 by M. M. Botvinnik

By M. M. Botvinnik

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Ke4 2. Q f 3 x X. 1 e5 2. Q c 6 x X. Also, 1.... Kd6 2, Q d 8 x x . SEVEN IS THE LIMIT 43 No. 115 B. V. KARLSSON 'Folket', 1947 Mate in two No. f6 2. B f 4 x X. f5 2. Be7X X. But White has no spare move. (In the absence of the P a t e 4 , 1. ) The key 1. Kf6 2. Q f 5 x X. f6 2. B h 6 x X. ii) The position is 'set', as is clear from the solution of i). Bd6, waiting. Now the set play of i) becomes the postkey play. Settings i) and ii) together show what is called the 'Pendulum* theme. Each also shows the 'Mutate*.

Gik. No. 64 V. K. R A M A N M E N O N 'Times of India', 28th October, 1973 26 Mate in two No. Rel !! l . . K x e l 2. Bc3x x. Ideal mate. Kc2 2 . Q d l x x . Kd3 2. Q e 2 x X. B. 8,83, Mate in two 18- SEVEN IS THE LIMIT No. Bb5. waiting. Ke6 2. Bc4x X. A beautiful model mate. Ke4 2. Bc6x X. Model mate. Kc5 2. R f 5 x X. This one is not a model mate becuase of the double coverage of c4. No. 65 N I H A R E N D U SIKDAR 'British Chess Magazine 6th Commend, 1968 No. 66 OSKAR WIELGOS 'Deutsche Schachzeitung\ February, 1982 .

Bc8 changes the first set mate : 1 f4 2. Q d 3 x X, but leaves the second set mate unchanged. This is one more demonstration of the 'Mutate'. 18- SEVEN IS THE LIMIT Mate in two No. Qg6 ? d 3 ! Bc6 ? Kc5 ! Qh2 ? d 3 ! 1. Ba8 ? Kd3 ! 1. Bb7 ! waiting, a good key. Kc5 2. Q c 6 x X. Kd3 2. B a 6 x X. This shows the real function (the only one) of the N—-covering the square e3. Kd3 2. Qe2 No. I l l HARRY V. TUXEN 'Skakbladet', February, 1963 X X. c2 2. Q x c 2 x X. 1 d3 2. Q d 5 x X. B. This is taken from the 'Times of India', dated 12th February, 1978.

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