Analysing the Endgame by Jon Speelman

By Jon Speelman

Unique discoveries within the endgame unearthed through Britain's prime professional and international championship challenger.

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Lth4? ltxf6. •l:te8?! This puts a rook on an open file, but does little to break down White's dominating centre. 1O... tDe8! with the idea .. fS is better. Play might continue 11 0-0-0 (11 g4? ltxg4! intending 12fxg4? ltxfS 13 tDe2, when 13 ... a5 14 a3! tDf6! has the idea of ... tDb4!? or simply .. J1ae8. 44 MASTERING THE CHESS OPENINGS A duller but sound line is 13 ... tLlb4!? 14 'iVxb4 'it'xe3+ 15 'iVd2 'iVb6!? 11 tLle2 tLleS 12 tLlf4?! Technically, 12 0-0-0 should preface this move, transposing after 12 ...

Naturally, the situation would be far from clear. a3! el d5! g7 8 e4 and, obscurely, by 1 d4 ltJf6 2 c4 d6 3 ltJc3 e5 4 e4 exd4 5 ~xd4, etc. d3ltJg4!? (D) W w Suddenly the game is out of White's control. l:tac8 21 f4? ltJxe4! 22 l:txe4 dxe4 23 fxe5 e3! xe5 Black already has a rook and two pawns for two pieces, and White can hardly defend against the elementary threats. l:tel b5! 27 b4!? ~xb4 The 'long' queen move 27 ... 'iYa8+! wins more easily. d2! xd2 'iYf2+ 34 ~h1 'iYxd2! 35 'iYxd2 exd2 36 ltJe2l:te8!

L:Ie8! (D) (now bS can be answered by ... ). tg4! tbS!? , ceding the light squares, 13 "fiIc2! txf3 14 gxf3lbgS IS 0-0-0 lbxf3 16 h4! has the idea 17 ~e4. There might follow 16 .. te2! e4 18 d3 with complications in which White has open lines and some advantage. 7 b4 d5 8 cxd5 lbxd5 9 'iVc2 ~e8 10 b5 lbd4! (D) A standard piece sacrifice that rips open lines against White's king. The same idea frequently occurs in the Sicilian Defence. 11 exd4 exd4+ 12 lbe2 ~f6 Black threatens ... d3. 13 d3?! tb2!

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