Ancient Mesopotamia: New Perspectives by Peter Knight

By Peter Knight

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Zev Radovan/Land of the Bible Picture Archive) stratigraphy by excavating one structure, the temple of Ishtar, from its latest form in the Neo-Assyrian period right back to its earliest beginnings as a small shrine in Sumerian times. Each rebuilding of the temple was meticulously excavated in full, described, planned, and photographed before being removed to reveal its predecessor. Andrae produced detailed and thorough reports, which he enlivened with vivid reconstruction drawings and watercolor paintings of ancient buildings and vistas.

W. F. 1995. Peoples of the Past. Babylonians. London: British Museum Press. Wilkinson, T. J. “Indian Ocean: Cradle of Globalization. html (cited October 2, 2002). III CHAPTER 3 Historical and Chronological Setting HISTORY OF THE INVESTIGATION OF MESOPOTAMIA’S PAST Investigations into Their Past by the Assyrians and Babylonians The people of Mesopotamia had great respect for their traditions. E. or even earlier were still being followed by the Assyrians and Babylonians of the first millennium. For example, the word lists that were being compiled almost as soon as writing began were still standard scribal exercises under Hammurabi and are found in Ashurbanipal’s library.

A native of Babylon, Berossus wrote in Greek but had access to many cuneiform texts that provided Historical and Chronological Setting 23 detailed and accurate information on Mesopotamian history and culture. E. had been largely superseded by a digest in which a Greek scholar, Alexander Polyhistor, uncritically assembled material from a number of different and conflicting texts, including Berossus and Ctesias. Information was drawn from Berossus’s work to calculate chronology, particularly the dates of the Creation and the Flood, but his original was otherwise neglected.

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