Anger Antidotes: How Not to Lose Your S#&! by Ian Brennan

By Ian Brennan

Anger is on the root of lots of the own dilemmas we are facing. Frank, own, and pithy, this booklet engages readers in a no-nonsense exploration of ways we will successfully succeed in past ourselves to take care of calm within the face of trouble. the target is to distill right down to primary elements the common buildings that shape the foundation of such a lot human difficulties. it is often our feelings that intrude with making sound offerings. hence, even the main realized contributors, who “know better,” are able to making colossally silly error in judgment and conduct.

Presenting a number of deescalation concepts, every one bankruptcy has been targeted into “mini- manuals” that during their totality include a library’s worthy of fabric. The left part of every two-page unfold describes the anger set off and the proper part of the web page unfold includes the anger antidote. issues coated comprise emotional immaturity, the absence of inspiration, extremes, inertia, reactor bait, and argument traps.

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