Armies of Bactria 700BC-450AD by Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander

By Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander Sil'nov

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After removing this layer, the lower part of the construction was found in a good state of preservation (figs. 25-26). The wall with a maximum courses, while the northern was deeper and had five to six courses. This indicates that the base of The stones were constructed the shaftwas not flat but sloped toward the north. The top of the stones was about 2 m below the Their dimensions above the skeleton. or secondary partly disturbed primary single burial was found in this grave (fig. 18). to the skeleton a The Grave Goods: Adjacent was bone found (Item 21).

53 Photo Fig. 52 Drawing jb^b^b^bI ^^b^b^b^H from Grave 12. cm 10 of the assemblage from Grave 12. 38 YosEF Fig. 54 Plan of Grave 13. Garfinkel and Susan Cohen 3. The Fig. 57 Plan of Grave Burials 14. A bronze duckbill axe (Item located near the head to the east, and a The Grave 48) was Goods: bronze spearhead (Item42) was foundunder the arms (fig. 56). Inside the spearhead some wood remains were still preserved; unfortunately, these were too fragmentary for any further analysis to be carried out.

Two grave goods were un earthed in association with the burial (figs. 3-4). The Grave Goods: A jar (Item4) was found southof the skulland a largeflatbowl (Item 5)was lyingdirectlyon the long bones. This is the only case at Gesher of a pot tery vessel found lying directly on the bones. Skeleton: The burial was found in a very state of preservation. In the eastern part of the grave only a few teeth were found, indicating the original location of the head. In the western The part, badly preserved long bones of the legs were found in a north-south direction, indicating that the skeleton had been in a flexed position.

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