Assyria from the Rise of the Empire to the Fall of Nineveh by Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

By Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1888 variation through T. Fisher Unwin, London.

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Emblem of the god asshur. ) front Of him, a peCUliar object mostly a human figure, ending in a feathered appendage like a bird's tail a dove's, it is : thought from the waist downwards, and framed in, or passed through, a circle or wheel furnished with It is the emblem of Asshur, and it is seen, if wings. not above that of the sacred tree or an altar on which is being offered, accompanying only the never king, any one else. Its attitude also answers to the character of the scene in the midst of which the god appears to protect and consecrate the royal sacrifice If a battle, he is represented as drawing presence.

An expedition to conquer a neighboring territory or to punish rebels is undertaken at the " Asshur and the express command of Asshur, or of " and in order to propagate their laws, great gods " did not keep their oaths or to chastise those who " hardened their hearts and to the great gods," or ; disregarded the will of Asshur, the god, my creaThus Tiglath-Pileser I. " Another king, who reigns five hundred years later, represents Asshur and the gods as' speaking to him countries, mountains, cities, " Then to Asshur, to Sin, by a direct message Shamash, Bel, Nebo, Nergal, Ishtar of Nineveh, and Ishtar of Arbela I lifted my hands.

Lege, THE RISE OF ASSHUR. " But only of Asone the shur, supreme god. Royalty on earth is the representative of the ruler in heaven. The national god and the national leader together are the greatness and safeguard of the state they are in ; communion with each other, and nothing can come between them. The monuments give the direct amplest and most conclusive proof of this relationship. In the sculptured scenes representing 8. tii monarch person inci- is always known by his rich robes, high head-tire, and his beardless at- we tendants see often ^J^'^^S^S^^i^^ hovering above his head, or just in i.

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