Australian bushcraft : a serious guide to survival and by Richard Graves

By Richard Graves

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TOfasten a rope to HITCH ROLLING a spar. This is a very secure fastening. TIMBER HITCH For securing a rope to squared timber, round logs, etc. A good starting knot for all lashings. The standing end must pull straight through the loop, not backwards, or the rope may cut upon itself. HITCH For fastening a HALLIARD rope to a spar. The sketch shows the hitch open. When pulled taut, and the hitches closed, it makes a very neat and secure fastening. A quick way to BLACKWALL HITCH secure a rope to a hook.

SPLICING The strands are LONG unlaid for a considerable length and then married as for the short splice. Then the one strand is unlaid and its married counterpart is laid along its place in the rope. The two centres are simply held with a cross-over knot, and the strands thinned down and spliced as for a short splice. The end strands are finished with a crossover knot and again the strands are thinned down and finished as for a short splice. This long splice does not appreciably thicken a rope which may be thus spliced to go through a sheave.

Method ofanchoring a single peg in sand or snow. Fill in the trench and rope channel and fasten the free end of the rope to the standing end with a stopper hitch (see Chapter 2 Knots and Lashings) and pull taut. The buried peg should hold a tent rope in sand or snow under all normal conditions. A bush windlass, capable of taking a THE BUSH WINDLASS very heavy strain on a rope, can be made by selecting a site where a tree has its fork low to the ground, with the fork facing the direction in which the pull is required.

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